For any questions or concerns, contact the GM.

House Rules, Et Al

Here’s the official “house” rules (added as we go) and general info:

  • My name is Kevin R., and I’ll be your Game Master (“GM” henceforth) for this campaign.
  • Games will take place at my place.
  • This is for a LOCAL offline tabletop campaign; this game is NOT taking place online. This website is serving as a resource between game sessions for updates and research reference. I welcome anyone who wishes to follow along or comment on what’s happening to do so (all trolls are subject to a Banish spell, no saving throw).
  • Reminder: if the player characters are allowed to do something, the NPCs can do it, too (huzzah!)
  • Players: do NOT post statistical character information to this website!
  • This is a Spelljammer campaign set in my own universe (no Torilspace, Krynnspace, or Greyspace).
  • Originally AD&D 2nd Ed., 1st level characters, changed to PATHFINDER at 7th level.
  • Ability Scores: Roll 4d6, re-roll 1’s and 2’s, drop lowest die. Do this six times, arrange as you like.
  • PC Alignment restrictions: Don’t be evil… the DM doesn’t like competition.
  • All characters must be approved by the GM; let me know if you have something clever in mind. I enjoy giving characters all the rope they need to hang themselves with.
  • Characters starting this campaign will initially know nothing of spelljamming (“Groundlings, you are!”) or anything much beyond their own world (which currently you are all a part of). I will begin providing details on that world as I hear more about your character concepts.
  • Game time, unless noted otherwise, starts at 1:00 pm with a tentative four-to-five hour session normally ending no later than 6:00 pm. Game day is always a Sunday unless specified otherwise (by group consensus).
  • If your characters find themselves alone in the dark and hear sinister laughter close by, you probably p*ssed off the GM.

In the future, I may run these and similar adventures based around this campaign at a few local game conventions to those interested. For now, game play will remain on the tabletop while bards sing of the player character’s grand adventures throughout cyberspace (assuming they live so long as to enjoy a glorious and ballad-worthy demise).