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About “Spelljammer: Birthstone”

This site documents a PATHFINDER (formerly classic 2nd Ed. AD&D) offline tabletop campaign using the optional Spelljammer rules set, a fantasy setting where wooden ships can magically sail through the sky between worlds. It is a universe of mysticism and alchemy where humans live alongside elves and other fantastic creatures.

Vital Statistics

Ruleset: PATHFINDER with house rules
Setting: Spelljammer (in an unknown future…)
Rating: Adult themes but mostly PG-13
Emphasis: Balanced between role-playing & roll playing
Frequency: Sunday afternoons
Psionics: Modified 3rd Ed. AD&D adapted to PATHFINDER
Started: September 2009
Completed: May 2010
Starting Level: 1st as Groundlings (poor devils!)

Our Setting

Realmspace? Torilspace? Krynspace? Never heard of ’em. In this far future, one of the two essential components for smoke powder have run out. With no one having the means to fight them, the Elven Imperium and their powerful living ships have conquered the known skies. While the intent was originally their own safety and sovereignty, the Imperium has become corrupt basing their economy on a slave trade of other races (and recently even selling their own kind into bondage.)

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