The Pick of Larnagish

The Pick of Larnagish

Holy Symbol of Sanguine and Artifact
Currently carried by Malcolm Stormbreaker, the pick was the weapon used by the hero Larnagish. The weapon was said to both protect and empower the hero, including the ability to break entire worlds. The ‘L’ shape and ornamentation is also the basis for the holy symbol of Sanguine.

Note: Any player calling it “The Pick of Destiny” may be subject to the immediate wrath of a Lernaean pyrohydra. You have been warned.

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Content Creator, Horror Writer, Film Critic. Heeding a macabre calling listening to "Mother Ghost Nursery Rhymes" in kindergarten, Kevin started writing in grade school and filled countless notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean in the US Navy. He is the author of The Spooky Chronicles and the vampire thriller series The Matriarch, creator/critic for and "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. WEB • FACEBOOK • TWITTER
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1 Response to The Pick of Larnagish

  1. Sophie says:

    Look its the Pick of Destiny!

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