Zyn Hyetal

Zyn Hyetal

Half-elven Mage, Prodigy Helmsman, Ship’s Captain
Appearance: Zyn is half-elven but easily passes for human. Her skin is an even brown, a mark of most Hyetalians, as is her long black hair. Being off world feels colder to her, so she dresses fully but never complains about the cold.

Personality: Possessing a natural maternal instinct, Zyn is driven to help in a way that puts off many of her people. She shuns her elven heritage as a mark of anger towards her father while praising her mother of being incapable of wrongdoing. Since surviving death and being rescued by the Last Born, Zyn has found her backbone and enjoys the authority empowered by serving as ship’s captain.

Traits: Zyn is a “prodigy helmsman” who can not only push a helm beyond its normal limits but can take control of a helm the way puppet master takes a marionette’s strings; she could fly a ship alone if she wanted. Zyn has also proven to have a head for counting and reconciling debt, the marks of a supply officer or future merchant, as well as seems taken with the teachings of Sanguine.

Backstory: Zyn is from Hyetal, a world with a strong sun and islander motivations. After being banished by her father back to Hyetal and taking her mother away to elven space, Zyn started serving aboard waterships until she made a deal to get onto a pirate craft intent on raiding elven spelljammers. She lost her spellbook and nearly died on board the Demeter, the circumstance of which she intends to ask her “old friend” Abdel the next time she travels to Hyetal.

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