Sophie Lumaya Fenn

Sophie “Lumi” Lumaya Fenn

Elven Mage, Former Pirate, Ship’s Cook
Appearance: Disguising her nobility, Sophie dresses in pirate garb with a cloth hanging down covering the back of her head (partially to cover her elven ears) and keeps her hair in a pony tail. She wears black boots and breeches with a black vest and red sash to match her cuffs and headband.

Personality: Sophie tries to put on a strong appearance but comes off as shy and introverted. She feels a bond towards Captain Zyn (who shares a similar background) but avoids the stronger personalities of Xax and Hanos. As one of the Last Born, Sophie believes she can be helpful with her knowledge of elven military structure but is still getting over the thought of her former lover’s likely death.

Traits: The fact that Sophie’s presence on board puts the entire ship in the cross hairs of Prince Aekblood Sliverlight isn’t lost on anyone. Zyn seems confident that Sophie can be an asset to the crew, but Sophie still seems to be holding back instead of actively participating or interacting much with the crew at all.

Backstory: Born on an elven core world the daughter of a military captain named Corelleon, Sophie trained as a mage but became enamored with a spelljammer captain named Lucas. She ran away with him on her 118th birthday to avoid an arranged marriage to Prince Aekblood Sliverlight, spurring him to hunt down Lucas and his crew. After posing as a Maidyn priestess in a vain attempt to free Lucas after his capture, another crewman, Tilto, helped get Sophie away to Moil Colony, but Lucas and the rest of the crew of the Ebon Falcon reportedly didn’t escape. Tilto left Moil on a Aparusa vegabond, but not before enduring “Lumi” declining his invitation to join him.

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