Celia Bedim

Celia Bedim

Dark Elf Ranger, Exile of Hestyn
Appearance: Celia shares much with her drow heritage: black and gray skin with white hair. Her eyes are white instead of red, a mark of the blindness that her people endured before their provider empowered their other senses. She dresses in simple clothes made from scavenger skins and prefers being barefoot and bare legged. She is never without her memoir, a five-foot long ceremonial spear.

Personality: Celia started off life as the little sister to an entire people but quickly rose above it to become a protector. She is eager to please and prove herself, taking her measure in how much others count on her. While failing miserably at trying to fit in with the crew of the Nia, setbacks only serve to embolden her for upcoming tasks. Her people can only speak telepathically, a bizarre kinship she shares with Xax.

Traits: Celia is a hunter by trade. Able to “see” using all her other senses as well as a sighted person, her blindness gives her advantages to stealth but limits her view of the world to a sixty foot radius. She also possesses a limited ability to teleport short distances up to a total per day as her movement as well as ranger abilities. Her bond animal is a mummer (small mimic) named Darger.

Backstory: The “last born” in an underground society rescued from the brink of extinction by a kindly deity, Celia believes in her provider but was never convinced that everything said was truth, although not a lie. As a protector herself, she understood the need to conceal but also couldn’t resist helping in her own way. Celia’s scheme to bed Mal and bring a new child into her tribe failed, but her subsequent exile to accompany the Last Born seemed right.

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