Dresnik Thald

Dresnik Thald, Local Lord of Nightfall

Vampire psionicist, intolerant of braggarts
While taking in a little shore leave on Nightfall, the braggart crew of the Black Drake apparently let it be known what fearless vampire killers they were as they hit the town. Hours later, Xax and Zyn were ambushed by a self-proclaimed vampire and his ankle-biting fiends… coincidence? Had the rest of the Last Born not shown up in the nick of time to defeat him, the outcome may have been in doubt.

Sterl filled Tenth and his charges in on who they may have faced: Lord Dresnik Thald, the local district lord and the one person no one who does business wants to offend. Realizing the group was more powerful than he first guessed, Thald pulled out all the stops to either convince the group to work for him or kill them outright for defiance. For the second time, Thald found himself not only defeated but utter destroyed. So why was it that when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a strange structure on a world he’d never been to, unable to affect the littlest thing around him? It was then that Thald saw Xax, this time without his cloak and mask, and truly wondered if he had been blessed or cursed…

About Kevin A. Ranson

Content Creator, Horror Writer, Film Critic. Heeding a macabre calling listening to "Mother Ghost Nursery Rhymes" in kindergarten, Kevin started writing in grade school and filled countless notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean in the US Navy. He is the author of The Spooky Chronicles and the vampire thriller series The Matriarch, creator/critic for MovieCrypt.com and "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. WEBFACEBOOKTWITTER
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