Retail Brews and Potions

D&D SodaOkay, this is ridiculously overpriced but still looks fun.

Just when you thought it couldn’t be any easier to walk into a Forgotten Realms general store and pick up a spare Wand of Wonder, at least this beverage doesn’t claim to ACTUALLY improve role-playing skills.

That said, I must have an Illithid Brain Juice! Check out the limited edition Dungeons & Dragons Spellcasting Soda.

About Kevin A. Ranson

Content Creator, Horror Writer, Film Critic. Heeding a macabre calling listening to "Mother Ghost Nursery Rhymes" in kindergarten, Kevin started writing in grade school and filled countless notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean in the US Navy. He is the author of The Spooky Chronicles and the vampire thriller series The Matriarch, creator/critic for and "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. WEB • FACEBOOK • TWITTER
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13 Responses to Retail Brews and Potions

  1. xaxthorian says:

    I would be willing to split costs for a tasty draft or two…


  2. Hanos says:

    I am going to cast my summon soda spell, to obtain a tasty beverage.

  3. Hanos says:

    or not. $15 SH are they insane?

  4. Angus says:

    15 Dollars shipping is a bit much
    6 pack split 3 ways would be 8.66 for 2 bottles

    crazy but for some reason I almost might want to do it.

  5. KevinR says:

    It’s actually cheaper than Tru Blood, and I still wanna four-pack of that stuff.

  6. Hanos says:

    If you got with the 12 pack it would be $34, split 3 ways is $11.33 each for 4 bottles or $2.83 per bottle which is a little cheaper.

  7. Angus says:

    I’d be up for that. God 2.83 for a soda but damn i must have my healing potion!

  8. Angus says:

    I want some, who is with me?

  9. Hanos says:

    Sure why not. Ill place the order. Anyone else in?

  10. KevinR says:

    Fine, I’m in.

  11. Hanos says:

    drinks ordered

  12. KevinR says:

    So when they gonna get here? We’re thirsty!

  13. Hanos says:

    1 to 2 weeks

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