Next Game: October 18th, 2009

There will be a slight delay this week getting last game’s synopsis up (due to Spooky Empire preps). Look for it no later than next Tuesday.

About Kevin A. Ranson

Content Creator, Horror Writer, Film Critic. Heeding a macabre calling listening to "Mother Ghost Nursery Rhymes" in kindergarten, Kevin started writing in grade school and filled countless notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean in the US Navy. He is the author of The Spooky Chronicles and the vampire thriller series The Matriarch, creator/critic for and "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. WEBFACEBOOKTWITTER
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One Response to Next Game: October 18th, 2009

  1. xaxthorian says:

    Really? No later than Tuesday….

    3am Wednesday and…. nothing…..

    Hope Empires went great, and that Maim is doing well. I expect a full report on Sunday, and I saw Mal at work, looking like he was having a talk with a muck-a-muck. Everything is cool right?


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