New SAVABLE Character Sheets!

Tim found us a new SAVABLE AD&D 2nd Edition character sheet, so all you need is Adobe Reader to load, fill out, save, reload, change, and save again. Woo hoo!

Hit the link on the right sidebar to get it now.

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12 Responses to New SAVABLE Character Sheets!

  1. xaxthorian says:

    I have my character on the sheet, and I am imputing Joe’s tonight (Elven Thief). I just have some Cleric questions:

    1) How will the spells work? Do I select my spells, pray for them at time of need, or something else?

    2) With me following a God of Knowledge, can I turn undead? It is really vague, and I need a GM ruling.

    3) Do I need to worry about Major and minor access to Spheres?

    Off Topic: The other possible player, John, I will see tomorrow. I will work with him to keep his commitment and get a character. That gives us 5 solid, with a possible invisible one as a 6th.

    We are playing at your place, right?

    That about covers it for now….


  2. KevinR says:

    Game is at my place, yes.

    Clerics must pray for the requisite time required to gain the power behind your spells, but they may choose the effect when loosed. Wizards must study a “power pattern” in their spell books, but they may also choose the effect when that power is loosed.

    Having a mind-blank moment; what the hell was the big deal about Major and Minor spheres again?

  3. xaxthorian says:

    By the rules: Major Access gives you spells of any level, Minor Access grants you up to lvl 3 Spells.

    EX: Major in Healing, you gain all the Cure spells; minor in healing means up to lvl 3 only; not in the sphere, No healing.

    I like the idea of chosing the spell as cast, just need to know about Major/minor thing…


  4. KevinR says:

    Are you referring to this?

    The 2nd edition AD&D Player Handbook specifically states (p.48, black cover edition): “A cleric has major access to every sphere except the plant, animal, weather, and elemental spheres (he has minor access to the elemental sphere and cannot cast spells of the other three spheres).”

    I thought that was a given, unless you’re playing a Druid.

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  6. xaxthorian says:

    Ok. Then they did make a difference between Cleric and Priest. So I am a Cleric of my god…

    Cool that works out fine.


  7. Hanos says:

    So are you saying a Wizard must study his book then he can cast any spell he has on the fly as long as he still has an available spell slot?

  8. KevinR says:

    Once a mage learns how to cast a spell, he won’t forget it. But casting only releases the power in the way you want; it doesn’t create it. You must memorize a so-called pattern of power copied into a spell book. It is said there are nine such patterns, each increasing in power.

    Once a priest learns the rite of a spell, she won’t forget. But she must pray to be granted the power to empower the rite. It is said in each religion there are seven such prayers, each increasing in faith.

  9. Hanos says:

    Interesting. Have you ever considered the spell point or Mana pool method of spell casting? Those alternate rules follow along the same lines as the method you are using.

  10. xaxthorian says:

    I was waiting for my spell-casting colleague to join the fray.

    Is expanding to much into the “Mana” or “Spell Pools” fall into the Player’s Options, which was said to be off-limits?

    I remember the rules vaguely, thanks to the PDF I can brush up, but do we want to go down that path? I admire the “Bonus Spells for Magi” like clerics, but by going this route, should we not just use the Player’s Options for spells only?


  11. KevinR says:

    Basically, this is my work around so you don’t have to pick your spells in advance. If you have two first level spells and one second level, you can choose any spell/rite you’ve learned rather than throw them away and start over.

    Or you can memorize / pray for your exact spells, period.

    Your choice, casters.

  12. xaxthorian says:

    Well, as a cleric, I am taking the “on-the-fly” casting. It lends itself to more use and, in my opinion, Clerics ask their gods for help anyway, so it is a faith thing, not a memorize thing.

    This is why we pray, and keep strange habits. To honor our god, and by doing so, fortify our strength to carry out their will.

    Praise be….

    -Xaxthorian, Cleric of Mannazecorian

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