Game Soundtrack: The Tudors, Season 2

The only thing more enjoyable than actually running characters through a campaign is the promise that campaign holds. With still a few months off before our official start and with a “look” starting to come together, I needed a sound. I needed music.

I considered the three soundtracks to Pirates of the Caribbean, but then I heard the theme to Showtimes’ “The Tudors.” What struck me as odd was that, when not watching the screen, I could easily imagine a lone galleon sailing across the stars through an uncharted crystal sphere, Illithid and Neogi flyers lurking in the black, waiting for easy prey. Then I heard a captain arguing a course correction with their navigator, watched a greenhorn throw an apple overboard to see if it would really float away beyond the ship’s gravity plane, and felt the Spelljammer herself cast a shadow over a moon as a new monarch was coronated.

Yep. It’ll do.

About Kevin A. Ranson

Content Creator, Horror Writer, Film Critic. Heeding a macabre calling listening to "Mother Ghost Nursery Rhymes" in kindergarten, Kevin started writing in grade school and filled countless notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean in the US Navy. He is the author of The Spooky Chronicles and the vampire thriller series The Matriarch, creator/critic for and "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. WEB • FACEBOOK • TWITTER
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2 Responses to Game Soundtrack: The Tudors, Season 2

  1. Chris Walden says:

    When does this campaign begin? I’ve lost track.

  2. KevinR says:

    Probably not until September, 2009.

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